Pablo Martínez – 300.000Km/s

An architecture graduate from ETSA in Barcelona, who in 2014—alongside Mar Santamaría—founded the 300,000 km/s urban planning studio which specialises in the analysis and visualisation of mass data as a key tool for redefining urban planning. His work has won many awards and has been exhibited at the Museum of Art in Chicago, the Venice Architecture Bienniale, the CCCB and the Casa Encendida, among others.


Geographies of the invisible

Our ability to improve our cities is dependent on our intensity in the pursuit of accurately understanding their functioning. In the face of new urban transformation scenarios that are influenced by new paradigms, we need new layers of work that approach the representation of the city beyond morphology. We must understand that which is invisible: behaviours, uses, movements, memory, affections, pain, etc. A collection of information which, due to the datafication of the world, we can make tangible and measurable, thereby allowing the incorporation not only of these new dimensions, but also their creators, into the urban project.