Laura Benítez

PhD in philosophy from the UAB. She has been a guest researcher at the Ars Electronica art centre and has participated on courses at different international institutions as a lecturer, professor and visiting researcher. She is currently collaborating with various research projects that are both academic and autonomous in nature. Her research centres on processes of bio-resistance, civil bio-disobedience and non-human agents.


Bio(info)technologies. Affect, anomalies and affirmation.

The session proposes a journey through practices that, through work with bio(info)technologies, articulate a critical revision of the contemporary context in (cosmo)political terms. Projects that, through an anti-establishment vision of biology, place the negative at the service of the powers of affirmation, sharing certain ways of doing that are organised in cross-disciplinary processes that are multimodal, cooperative and open to the outside. Practices that understand resistance as a constituent process, generating highly contaminating and relationship-forming meeting points that disassemble the construct of human exceptionality, along with strategies of interruption and forms of contact-experience.