Nowadays, design seems to be leaving behind its traditional, technicist and solutionist attitude, becoming more and more political: it visualises the particular interests hidden even within fields usually conceived as “neutral”, such as the one of technologies. Its objective, therefore, is to produce spaces for dissent and to foster debate upon issues related to our coexistence as social beings.

Moreover, climate change and the ever-increasing threat of the environmental catastrophe show that coexistence is an issue involving not only humans, but all the entities (living or not-living, material or not-material) that make up the world: in this sense – according to Isabelle Stengers and Bruno Latour – politics is meant to turn itself into “cosmopolitics”. This year the BAU Design Forum aims to reflect upon modes, challenges and opportunities of a (cosmo)political design.


Scientific coordination
Ramon Rispoli

Organization committee
Pau de Riba (Graphic)
Frank Maria (Audiovisual)
Pierino dal Pozzo (Interiors)
Elisa Amann (Fashion)