Donato Ricci – SciencesPo médialab

Donato Ricci is a researcher at Sciences Po, médialab. He uses experimental Design Methods in Human and Social Sciences. He followed the design aspects of Bruno Latour’s AIME project. With Latour, he co-curated the Reset Modernity! exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe and at the Shanghai Himalayas Museum. He is Assistant Professor of Knowledge and Representation at Universidade de Aveiro and part of the Experimental Programme in Political Arts (SPEAP) at Sciences Po.


This Now Here: the political life of fragile contemporary entities

Political design—caught between debating the past and speculating about the future—has left the very present states of social, technical and economic issues in an incidental role, simmering in the background of our concerns. Proof of this is the frictions between incongruent sensible worlds and unified calculating algorithms or procedural platforms. Reflective histories, along with dystopian stories, seem to be the sole design strategies able to address the relationship between humans and hard-to-grasp technologies.

To foreground the present, to render it politically active, I am opening for discussion some sensible forms and formats that slow us down. These experiments are aimed at letting us become attentive to entities, situations and spaces—those that already exist but are not yet completely disclosed—that may result in moments of public negotiations and reorientation.