Blanca Pujals – Goldsmiths, Univ. of London

Blanca Pujals earned her BA in Architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture. She completed her studies with an MA in Critical Theory and Museum Studies at the Independent Studies Programme of the MACBA Museum, tutored by the philosopher Paul B. Preciado. She was recently a postgraduate at the Centre for Research Architecture (Visual Cultures Department) directed by Eyal Weizman and Susan Schuppli at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is currently a PhD candidate in Art & Science (UK). Her practice is based on spatial research and critical analysis. Her work encompasses film, architecture, curatorial projects as well as lectures and different displays of writing.


Bodily cartographies. Pathologising the body and the city

Bodily cartographies is composed of research and a project centred around the relationship between the architectural anthropometric archetypes embedded into the process of design, and the anthropo-biometric criminologists of the 18th century. The project critically examines their approaches to measuring, normalising, standardising and segregating bodies and behaviours. From bio-anthropometrics to ergonomics and from diagrams to borders, bodies and the modern city arise systematised to be optimal for the reproduction of hegemonic narratives. These procedures become tools for the construction of future fictions of fear and desire through abstractions that act as a form of demand for privatisation, protection and segregation. They establish an artificial threshold defining new frames of exclusion. Architecture becomes a speculative technology for ergonomic urban models for the typological archetype. Furthermore, it produces and reproduces invisible and visible borders on bodies, cities and