Andrés Hispano & Félix Pérez-Hita – Panoramic Festival

Andrés Hispano

Degree in Fine Arts. Director, curator, teacher, columnist. Currently I’m doing programs for Soy Cámara (CCCB). Professor at LCI and participating in different Masters and Postgraduate Programs at Elisava, UPF and RLL Blanquerna.

I wrote in Cultura / s La Vanguardia (from 2001 to 2014) and ‘David Lynch, American Claroscuro’ (Glénat, 1997).

Félix Pérez-Hita

Degree in History of Art from the University of Barcelona. Director, scriptwriter and editor. He is part of the “Soy Cámara” team, the program of the CCCB, since its creation. He is preparing (with Andrés Hispano, Joana Hurtado, Joan Fontcuberta, etc.) the second edition of Panoràmic Festival (Granollers) dedicated this year to May 68. He has been a member of the projects: Boing Boing Buddha (Btv), Crisi Gabinet (A TV show that does not watch TV),, Tvlata (experimental and educational TV in Salvador de Bahía, Brazil), Horitzó.tv (la Capella, Bcn). Porfessor and lecturer at various Catalan universities and museums. He has published texts about theory and history of images in Archipelago, Mania (U.B.), Cultures (La Vanguardia), Mental State, among others.


1968, Imagined revolution

The power of the image, and a historical “fetishization” committed to generate a periodic memory and assign character to the years and decades, made to year 1968 the catharsis of a few restless and undoubtedly transformative years. But maybe not in the usual assumed way.

The facts, its media consumption and the nostalgic patina that have built myths and fictions deserve a critical review, especially in that year ’68 ‘, which it learned from many previous revolts and has had repercussions in others afterwards. This 50th anniversary is especially interesting because, over the last decade, enough issues have changed in geopolitics and tic, as to make the celebration very uncomfortable.